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Specialisation: Singapore Job
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Work Location : Singapore, Singapore
Salary Range : S$ 2,500.00 – 2,500.00
Posted Date : August 30, 2022

Job Description of IT Admin

1. Set up the SOP on the policies and procedures for Synology. To use Synolgy as the Office Centralised Registry

2.  Oversee data governance for Synology as the Data Centre Manager

3. Plan, Organize, Control, Monitor and Evaluate staff’’s usage of Synology.

4. Report usage, misuses, and challenges during  Management’s Meeting

5. Review and Propose New subject categories in Synology

6. Organise the hard copies of important documents such as Patent Papers, TradeMarks Approvals, Certifications from SBGC, BCA, BizSafe, Workmen Injury Policies, Public Liability Policies, Foreign Workers’ Medical Policies, etc, and responsible to scan and e-file into Synology by subject categories.

7. Strategise and Application for PSG grants to support Company’s digitisation transformation such as off-the-shelf ERP System, Accounting, Stocktaking, HR,etc. 

8. Review the current manual work processes in the Company and propose ways to increase work productivity, efficiency and accountability through the adoption of IT tools/softwares for eg, Sprintful, a Time-booking software,

9.  Develop or source for softwares which are relevant for Company’s use

10. Review and Propose alternative, cost-efficient Providers to replace current web mails, web hosting, domain name(, QR codes and Fibre Broadband for HydroBall.

11.  Maintain File servers and Network equipment.

12. Support internal users and troubleshoot IT issues on workstations.

13. Take charge of  IT Security and Cybersecurity

14. Update and maintain IT documentations

15. Source for or upgrade Company’s IT equipment

16. Work with Verz Design on HydroBall’s website 

17. Create digital assets used for marketing and packaging

18. Research and provide solution to customer complaints

19. Point of contact for any IT needs with regard to market research

20. Involved in social media marketing and digital marketing



1. Basic Degree in Computer Studies or Information Technolgy

2. At least 2 years working experience

3. Female below the age of 28 years old

4. Hands-on experience in Illustrator, Photoshop, Powerpoint and WordPress


Working Hours :

Monday to Friday : 8.30am to 5,30pm

And Saturday :    9am to 1 pm

Work Place :  1 Kaki Bukit Avenue 3, KB-1, #02-17,  Singapore 416087

Basic Salary : SGD2,500 per month

Kindly contact Ms Emily for further details at 0123695453 or forward your resume to [ ]

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