What We Do

We Don’t Just Sell Resumes

Besides having a pipeline of candidates, every conceivable attributes were provided

What We Do

CityRecruit in Malaysia has been effective in creating work and career opportunities. We are the staffing company of choice for leading employers from wide range of industries in Malaysia.

By applying our method of Source, Screen, Shortlist and Send, we at CityRecruit are able to give you an informed third party opinion on your staffing options. By being the impartial third party, we are able to give you an insight into the candidates we send. Having the home-grown know-how and understanding the local sensibilities, we believe we have developed a recruitment process that is applicable anywhere, not only specific to Malaysia.

Our consultants are trained to see beyond the typical resume by looking into the Clients’ and the Candidates’ Geographical, Economical, Historical and Cultural background. We believe that these aspects have great influence over a person’s character and personalities, which ultimately will affect their job performance. By being able to delve deeper into the Candidate’s as well as the Client’s mind-frame, we believe that we can provide a better match and a suitable job fit, which will benefit both the Client as well as the Candidate. Bottom line, we not only hope to place a suitable Candidate in the said position but we also hope that both the Corporation and the Candidate will be able to grow from strength to strength together.

Understand that by engaging CityRecruit to help you solve your Staffing Solutions, you will be rest assured that the candidate will meet your corporation’s needs as well as expectations. We strive in working towards placements that will be long term, placing Candidates who are just as dedicated towards excellence as we are. We achieve this by having the personal touch – by assessing the Candidate not just by how they are represented on paper but how they carry themselves, what their future plans are, their sensibilities which are usually determined by where they come from and how they were brought up.