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Specialisation: Engineering – Mechanical/Automotive
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Work Location : Iskandar Puteri, Johor
Salary Range : RM 7,000.00 – 8,000.00
Posted Date : August 20, 2021

The Project Manager is the person in charge of the project, and normally reports to the General Manager or to a Project Department Manager. He oversees the registration, planning, development, and follow-up of all the project phases, and is the central point of contact for the other entities involved in the project.


Project Manager
➢ to assess the initial Basic Planning of the project during Tender Phase.
➢ to prepare the quotation, following the assessment given by the other involved parties; once the quotation has been accepted and the project has been awarded, he transforms the quotation in a sales order and register it in the system.
➢ to assess the Detailed Planning of the project, during Pre-Execution Phase.
➢ to inform all other actors on all contractual aspects of interest for them (including, but not limited to technical features, special requests from the client); He gets in contact with the Technical Dept. to have a first assessment on the project scope and the bill of quantities, with the Purchase Dept. to have an initial price assessment of suppliers and with the Service Team (if it is the case) for first assessment of installation-related costs and consistency of project’s timeline. This last aspect is particularly important, since a wrong assessment on the consistency of the project’s timelines can have a wave effect on the activity of all other departments involved during Execution, thus creating sometimes very high unforeseen costs in order to respect contractual timelines.
➢ to select suppliers within the choice presented by the Purchase Dept., sub-contractors presented by the Sales Managers, Project Engineer and Service Team, and asses the sub-contractors contract’s features, including but not limited to cost management, terms of payments, timelines for supply/execution etc., so that the Installation can finalize the negotiation of the sub-contractor’s contract.
➢ to verify and approve every cost related to his project (and the related budget), in coordination with other departments and actors, and assess all interested parties in case of change of scope of works, extra works and their approval, and any type of variation incurring in the initial contractual aspects.
To manage formal relationship with client.
To produce and/or approve the invoice proposal to the client.
➢ to produce the financial assessment of the project, and keep a monthly follow-up of the economic and financial status of the project, together with the General Manager or the Project Controller (Finance Dept.);
➢ to finalize the Project Close Out Phase and the final calculations.

As a Service Manager, also sometimes called as the Installation Manager, is responsible for the execution of all site works following Quality and HSE standards of the Group, and in respect of the approved budgets and costs for the Execution Phase.

Within responsibilities there are also the subcontracting of site works, when needed: this includes, but is not limited to, the identification of potential sub-contractors for site activities, gathering quotes from them, negotiating contractual condition and assess on the selection of the sub-contractor to make.

in charge of the following aspects:
➢ during the Tender Phase, to assess the Project Engineer (PE) and Sales Manager (SM) on the feasibility and consistency of installation timelines and approve the Installation costs.
➢ during the Pre – Execution Phase, to discuss and assess the PE and SM on the detailed planning for site activities, on the contracts’ features (related to technical aspects, special requirements, timelines) of sub-contractors.
➢ during the Execution Phase, he organizes mobilization, daily activity of sub-contractors, prepares all installation documents related to technical aspects, such as site procedures.
➢ to be the point of contact of the client for site activities-related matters.
➢ to approve daily/weekly/monthly activities’ reports, including sub – contractors’ reports.
➢ to report site progress (% completion), site attendance and cost resource usage.

➢ become a strategic business partner
➢ Team, time, risk, budget management experienced
➢ encourage and recognize the valuable contributions of others
➢ respect and motivate stakeholders
➢ has integrity and accountability
➢ are fully vested in the success of the project and service
➢ can “work in the gray”
➢ an effective communicator
➢ a well-respected leader
➢ an agent of change
➢ capacity to manage high stress situations
➢ Ability to multi-task and manage various project elements simultaneously

➢ Mechanical Degree
➢ has five or more years’ experience, and one or several formal qualifications
➢ able to manage the projects in ERP, CRM experienced required

➢ customer service skills
➢ administration skills
➢ patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations
➢ the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure
➢ business management skills
➢ to be thorough and pay attention to detail
➢ the ability to work well with others
➢ Reporting skills
➢ Technical writing including technologically savvy
➢ Active listener
➢ Research skills
➢ Interpersonal skills
➢ Policy knowledge
➢ Conflict management

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