Job Detail



Specialisation: Engineering – Oil/Gas
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Higher Secondary/ Pre-U/ A Level
Work Location : Johor Bahru, Johor
Salary Range : RM 5,000.00 – 5,500.00
Posted Date : April 06, 2021

Driver Coach will be responsible for enhancing the knowledge and skill level of commercial vehicle drivers and cylinder handlers (loaders / helpers) by continuous monitoring of their behavior at work.
– Need to provide One-On-One coaching sessions based on individual’s behavior / performance
– Clarify the myths / misconception about driving by showing On-The-Job illustrations
– Assist Transport Safety Officer in execution of all Driver Safety / Management related programs

Job Scope
Accountable & responsible for safe handling and distribution of products from all assigned locations
– Bulk (Primary & Secondary), Packaged Gas (PGP, Electronics, Specialty) & Tube Trailers
– Company owned fleet and Contracted fleet (long term & short term)

Minimum Eligibility Criteria
A. Educational Qualification & Skills Required
– Matriculation or Higher Secondary School Certificate
– Proficient in writing, reading and speaking local language

B. Relevant Experience & Certification
– Holding valid commercial heavy vehicle driving license with a driving experience of minimum 10 years preferably in any gas & chemical industry

C. Desired
– Inter-mediate (manageable) level of English language
– Knowledge of computer operation (basics of MS Office)
– Coaching experience, if any
– Willingness to work in different shifts and travel within a localized region to support other sites

Core Responsibilities
1. Training & Recruitment
1.A) Collaborate with transport contractors and/or driver supplying agencies to ensure that the following activities (as per set standards or guidelines) are completed but not limited to
a. Driver background verification
b. Pre-employment medical tests (health check-ups)
c. Educational and technical skill / experience certificate verification
d. Driving license verification

1.B) Directly responsible for
a. Screening (interview, viva or written) to evaluate the candidate’s eligibility
b. Skill assessment through a ride along with driver & reversing tests
c. Providing recommendation based on a, b and 1. A

1.C) Post Driver training:
a. Ensuring that a mentor (senior driver) is assigned to each newly inducted driver
b. Receive and record feedback from mentors for each driver
c. Review driver wise performance along with Transport Safety Officer & respective Contractor

1.D) Record management
a. Maintain driver wise training & communication records
b. Update data into the system

1.E) Induction training for PGP cylinder handlers /loaders / helpers

2. Driver Coaching Program
2.A) Lead ‘KYC – Know Your Coach’ Campaign – to familiarize drivers with their assigned coach and personal rapport development

2.B) Reviewing driver wise performance at specified intervals using resources available
i. Tableau Dashboards – driver wise / location wise / contractor wise / segment wise
ii. Trip Summary Reports
iii. Driver Risk Profiling (DRP, also called as Driver Score Card)
iv. OBC/ICC/F&D alerts on TOC platform

2.C) Coaching – by following Five Step Coaching Model
i. Identify high risk drivers based considering driving, non-driving & behavioral aspects
ii. Lead by example – showcase right way of doing an activity wherever driver lacks knowledge
iii. Collaborate with drivers to bring in improvement on overall safety behavior
iv. Recognize and recommend rewards for Drivers

2.D) Track & assess driver wise performance improvement

2.E) Collaborate with Transport Safety Officer and respective transport contractor on further actions to be taken based on Overall Performance Analysis report

2.F) Record management
i. Maintain driver wise coaching log
ii. Update data into the system
3. Hazard Assessment & Mitigation Plan

3.A) Route Risk Assessment (RRA)
i. Drive along with contractor safety supervisor (if available) to conduct a complete survey of the route and identify potential hazards with respect to commercial vehicle

3.B) Customer Site Surveys
i. Review delivery sites with respect to distribution safety aspects, vehicle maneuvering requirement, cylinder & PCC handling etc.

3.C) Sharing the potential risk zones / spots with contractor supervisor, drivers and actions to be taken for preventing any incident

3.D) Record Management
i. Maintain route / site wise assessment reports

4. Day-to-day Safety Activities:
4.A) Lead
i. Daily Toolbox topic sharing with drivers
ii. Reward & reprimand policy implementation
iii. Maintaining Driver’s Corner (kind of notice board)
iv. Surprise checks on how driver / cylinder handlers behave at customer site
v. Drive along with selected drivers to study their driving behavior
vi. Download footage from MDVR to review other at-risk-behavior (both driving & non-driving)
vii. Effective use of PPE and its importance
viii. Coaching sessions (should also be capable of carrying out role plays to demonstrate drivers how to handle difficult situations like in case any incident, road rage, customer representative’s impolite behavior etc..)

4.B) Collaborate (work along with site team under guidance of Site Supervisor & Transport Safety Officer)
i. Implementation of Safety Plan
ii. Periodic safety campaign
iii. Transport contractor performance management programs
iv. Monthly safety meetings
v. Driver engagement programs
vi. Grievance redressal (any work-related issue or problem brought to the notice of coach by drivers, loaders, helpers)

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