Job Detail



Specialisation: Manufacturing/Production Operations
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Professional Degree
Work Location : Johor Bahru, Johor
Salary Range : RM 8,000.00 – 10,000.00
Posted Date : August 13, 2020

Job Description

To manage daily production to meet the market demand and ensure the food quality maintain and compliance with the latest foods regulations. To take charge of the quality control, date of stocks and production rotation. To lead a team of 150 employees in attainment of quality in company operations. Ensures the operations meets the brand’s target customer needs, ensures employee satisfaction, focuses on growing revenues and maximizes the financial performance of the department. Overseeing deliverable of products and services to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of the brand’s target customer. 
Foods Production
2.1  Oversee all related operations and ensure excellent selection and production of daily goods.
2.2  Participates in execution and maintaining Quality System audits including ISO and QSR customer standards in order to ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.
2.3  Responsible for maintain a system of assurance quality to ensure product consistency and adherence to product specifications.
2.4  Implement system of continuous improvement adopting Lean strategies and recommend new production techniques, processes, workflow improvement as well as systems to improve production quality, safety and efficiency.
2.5  To plan and implement on new food production standards and standard operating procedures.
2.6  To ensure food quality achievement and performance improvement within the production line
2.7  To review and lead the R&D team to produce new or enhanced products line, menu and creations
2.8  To plan and implementation new production line for new/festive products
2.9  To lead the new and existing production projects
2.10 To ensure production output meets targets and demand.
2.11 To manage budget and cost analysis to ensure high revenue from production without compromising on quality.
2.12 Control value of operational inventories, inventory accuracy and information planning system.
2.13 To manage stocks, storage and excess from the production line to ensure reduce in wastage
2.14 To manage, track and analyze monthly production progress against targeted sales
2.15 Prepare and maintain production reports
2.16 To manage and monitor on the repair and routine maintenance of production equipment such as oven and baking equipment
2.17 To undertake any other duties and responsibilities that assigned by the management.
Staff Management
2.18 To forecast labour management especially during peak periods, event and seasonal change.
2.19 Oversees productions and working environment for the purpose of ensuring safe, efficient and sanitary working conditions
2.20 Demonstrates leadership in areas of safety as well as to establishes, observes and enforces safety rules & practices.
2.21 Responsible to train and ensure the team to operate the equipment according to proper sanitation and food safety standards.
2.22 Possess strong leadership and interpersonal skills to develop practical approach to goals that emphasize teamwork and participation as well as to attract, develop and retain key contributors.
4.1 You know everything about baking so that you can communicate with the bakery department.
4.2 You know everything about cake-making and pastry so that you can communicate with the cake department.
4.3 You have managed 150 people efficiently on a daily basis.
Office Environment & confectionary and bakery production and outlets environment.
6 days’ work a week – willing to work on weekends and Public Holiday.
Working hours shall be in accordance with the Company’s operational requirements.
Assistant General Manager
This person is astute, methodical, and a problem-solver. He/ she must have wealth of experience in bakery and pastry in order to lead and communicate with bakery, pastry, packaging and other departments under his/ her supervision. Knowledge in the entire production process is a must in order to execute instructions or changes effectively.
In return, we are offering a career opportunity for you to grow with our company and to be involved in future expansion projects
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