Job Detail



Specialisation: Manufacturing/Production Operations
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Work Location : Kulai, Johor
Salary Range : RM 1,800.00 – 2,000.00
Posted Date : September 17, 2019

Job Description:

1. Basic knowledge of Electrical and power installation and also know to check continuity and insulation of finish installation

2. Knowledge to read Instrument Drawing 

3. Basic knowledge of Tubing fabrications and testing such as leak test of SCS and PCS.

4. Conduct incoming inspection of equipment and analyzer, to ensure Explosion Protected Equipment, Ex, shall be follow customer requirement.

5. Conduct visual inspection, based on construction drawing, and redline mark-up drawing if any discrepancy.

6. To ensure all the equipment and analyzers had installed correct method and follow drawing. Installation method must be followed our MSBP.

7. Issue and follow-up the internal/ FAT punch list and shall be closed/ done by shortly period.

8. All the packaging inspection must be witnessed and follow with packaging procedure, which customer had approved with submission.


  • 3 yrs in Instrumentation
  • Basic testing like leak test, relief valve test and etc
  • Power connection for Single phase and 3 phase.
  • Knowledge and read construction drawing

Kindly contact the following consultant  at  07-2305453 for further details or send your resume to Talent Resource Unit [ ] / Mr Hanafi  [ ]