Job Detail



Specialisation: Marketing/Business Development
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Professional Degree
Work Location : Pasir Gudang, Johor
Salary Range : RM 12,000.00 – 15,000.00
Posted Date : June 13, 2019


To assist and report to the HOD of the Marketing Department for the proper implementation of procedures and practices as laid down in this manual and to assume the superior’s functions during his absence.


  1. To assist and report to the HOD of the Marketing Department and to assume the superior’s functions during his absence.
  2. To assist the HOD to formulate the annual budgets and be responsible to achieve the approved budgets.
  3.  To assist the HOD in ensuring all managers perform as outlined in their respective JDs.
  4.  Will be responsible for proper implementation of procedures and practices, as laid down in this manual and provides appropriate feedback/report.
  5. Training, management and guidance of subordinates reporting to him to ensure competent performance of their duties. 
  6. Responsible for Contract Review and liaison with personnel responsible for all necessary functions for the timely execution of contracted orders.
  7. Competently manage agents and customers in all territories and to build excellent relationship with agents and customers.
  8. To market and sell products to the all territories and achieving sales targets in all territories and development of new customers.
  9. Management/guidance of agents and effective key account management in all territories,
  10. To be responsible for prompt telecommunications with agents and direct customers in all territories. 
  11. Making quotations and responsible for the initiation of Sales Orders in ERP system for sales concluded. 
  12. Ensure on-time shipments as contracted and prompt collection of outstanding payments.
  13. To review with Fatty Acid by product and joint product prices, future estimates with regards to how USP Glycerine; C14 – Myristic Acid ; C8-C10 – Caprylic / Capric Acid and have an updated information discussion with Area Managers & Executives so that they sell future position keeping in mind above change to pricing/formulations.
  14. Conduct the monthly Business Team meetings, and b-weekly production program meeting
    together with logistics/warehouse, documentation/freight depts.
  15. To review on weekly basis the following:
    • Monthly sales order position.
    • Review of selling position.
    • Sales orders outstanding for more than 1 month.
    • Payments outstanding from customers.
    • Review of risk areas & customers due to changes (political, economics and/or financial changes of country or customer).
    • Review selling position for excess, off spec and change over soap noodles.
    • Weekly review of Raw Material coverage positions together with Area Managers & Executives; and work with the Raw Material Statement to book raw material position.
    • Position Paper update & reporting.
    • To review notional gain loss and ensure adherence to Marketing Guidelines.
    • Update risk review report for Management as and when required.
    • Raw material purchase and monitoring.


1. Endorse to authorize Sales and Purchase orders.
2. Endorse Proforma Invoice.
3. Endorse Daily Sales Report.
4. Endorse Customer Requirement Review Form.
5. Approve Change Orders
6. Approve Lab Work Request.
7. Approve PSN Sample Notes Request. (5kg and below).
8. Approve leave and OT.
9. Approve Departmental requested requisition. (Lotus Notes & SAP database)
10. As per assigned by HOD and subject to changes as per Management discretion

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