Job Detail



Specialisation: Sales – Retail/General
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Higher Secondary/ Pre-U/ A Level
Post Graduate Diploma
Professional Certificate
Professional Degree
Work Location : Johor Bahru, Johor
Salary Range : RM 6,100.00 – 10,000.00
Posted Date : June 23, 2018

About the job

  • To develop sales in an efficient and effective way in all media in order to attract more customers who come more often and buy more.
  • To lead and inspire your team, other functions and the store to achieve maximum sales growth and profitability.
  • To contribute to the business development regionally using my specialist sales knowledge.


  • Lead and manage team to understand our PMA and competition, our consumers and their living situations and use this to improve our customers’ shopping experience.
  • Analyses individual store performance and customer feedback with the team and use this information to improve the mechanical sales system and easy buying process in our stores.
  • Ensure the team maximize the commercial opportunities through the effective use of all media and support the business growth by contributing to the commercial activities focusing on the commercial priorities which will inspire more people to visit the store.
  • Ensure the future perspective for home furnishing business is taken into account when we rebuild or create a new commercial focus in my Store.
  • Commit to the development of the team and together create their individual plans to reflect their business and personal development needs and support them in achieving these goals.
  • Contribute to the development of shopkeepers to ensure their commercial skills continually improve and understand their business development needs, give them constructive feedback and work with them in order to secure their competence development.
  •  Decide, agree and deliver the sales, gross margin, gross profit and other Key Performance Indicator (KPI) goals which reflect the local sales strategy.


  • Experience of setting and implementing long term strategic plans, setting budgets and following up goals.
  •  Experience of management role in the retail / shopping mall.
  •  Ability to prioritise and organise work in order to make the most efficient use of time available.
  • Ability to set expectations, provide clear direction and communicate well in English.
  • Experience of using knowledge of customer shopping behaviour to develop business plan.
  • Proven record of consistently meeting agreed budgets and goals, and working on plans over a number of years.