Job Detail



Specialisation: Engineering – Environmental/Health/Safety
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Work Location : Pasir Gudang, Johor
Salary Range : RM 3,000.00 – 6,000.00
Posted Date : May 22, 2023




Job Description

In-charge overall EHS activities including waste management and sustainability program. The Environmental Officer will assist the Environmental, Health and Safety Manager in maintaining compliance with all environmental regulations and implementing environmental programs and policies to minimize the company’s environmental impact.

  1. Developing, implementing, and maintaining environmental management systems to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.                     
  2. Conducting environmental assessments and audits, including coordinate air and water quality monitoring, sewage management, waste management and all related matter.                       
  3. Developing and implementing environmental policies and procedures, including waste management plans, energy conservation plans, and pollution prevention programs.              
  4. Collecting and analyzing environmental data to identify potential issues and recommend solutions. Besides monitoring and reporting on environmental performance, including tracking energy and water usage, waste reduction efforts and other environmental metrics.                            
  5. Assisting with the development and implementation of environmental management systems    
  6. Coordinating and collaborating with other departments and external stakeholders, such as regulatory agencies, to ensure environmental regulations and laws compliance.                           
  7. Educating and training employees, contractors, and other stakeholders on environmental issues, new regulation/change regulations and best practices.
  8. Investigating and addressing environmental complaints, violations, and incidents.                 
  9. Providing guidance and support for environmental impact assessments, permit applications, and other regulatory requirements.                
  10. Keeping updated with changes in environmental laws and regulations and ensuring that the organization complies with new regulations.                     
  11. Managing and monitoring major projects’ environmental impacts and supporting project managers. Justify capital expenditure proposal and raise E-capex                       
  12. Coordinate and participating in emergency response activities, such as spills and other environmental incidents.                      
  13. Maintaining the inventory of hazardous materials and assist with the preparation of emergency response plans                  
  14. First Aid coordinator including updating stocks, managing records & justify the requisition.  
  15. Purchasing EHS items/equipment (including department other than EHS if fall under EHS categories)       
  16. Promote environmental, health and safety within the organization and develop & support any programme for environmental and sustainability.                 
  17. Performs other duties as assigned by Senior EHS Manager.


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