Job Detail



Specialisation: Manufacturing/Production Operations
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Work Location : Pasir Gudang, Johor
Salary Range : RM 6,000.00 – 7,000.00
Posted Date : December 21, 2022

Roles and Responsibilities:
Strategically manage warehouse in compliance with company’s policies and vision
Manage team of warehouse supervisors and operators, monitoring their task and ensuring the safe use of warehouse equipment
Establish warehouse practices and protocols to achieve an efficient and productive warehouse
Set warehouse and team goals in collaboration with Plant directive and other team leads
Monitor workplace performance and lead training initiatives to improve efficiency of team and manage warehouse team to solve day to day operational issues and reach short- and long-term performance goal
Oversee receiving, warehousing and maintenance operations
Setup layout of cargo allocation and ensure efficient space utilization
Initiate, co-ordinate and enforce optimal operational policies and procedures
Maintain a safe and healthy work environment by establishing and enforcing standards and procedures.
Supervise daily warehouse activities, including quality assurance, inventory control, space management, logistics movement and floor productivity
Schedule and oversee warehouse team, and manage the flow and quality of work to maximize efficiency and minimize overtime
Inspect equipment, tools and machinery regularly and periodic audit
Develop actionable plans for loss prevention (damaging cargo) during receiving and loading
Responsible for stock accuracy, tidiness and safety
Build a weekly/daily loading schedule in collaboration with production/supply chain team
Manage container flows (managing empty arrangements, loading planning, managing laden container)
Manage communication with haulage, drivers, transport companies, depots and shunters
Establishing pre-checks on containers before loading, cargo prechecks and preparatory cargo prior to loading
Report on past activity and prepare activity planning for weeks to come to ensure availability of resources
Perform other related duties as assigned or required by the superiors.
Audit and report inventory
Qualifications and Experience Required:
·        At least 5 years of experience 
·        Experience with large industrial company preferred as a similar position
·        Experience with sea freight and container logistic is required
·        Experience with Warehouse Management System is a strong plus
·        Experience with SAP tools
Required Skills:
·        Language: English/Malay
·        Independent, organized, proactive.
·        Ability to manage a team of supervisors and operators
·        Ability to communicate effectively and work as part of a team, work within datelines 
·        Having the ability to create and maintain a positive relationship 
·        To be assertive and have self-confidence in presenting and supporting conclusions, having communication and interpersonal skills
·        Be able to multi-task and prioritize work (different projects and technologies)
·        Ability to be a creative thinker; search solutions and simplify the situation

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