Job Detail



Specialisation: Engineering – Mechanical/Automotive
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Work Location : Others, Selangor
Salary Range : RM 10,000.00 – 12,000.00
Posted Date : October 25, 2021

This position will be responsible for the complete maintenance management of the assets including trucks, trailers, tanks, other equipment being used in transportation of product.
His / her primary focus should be to add value to the transportation system by
– leading design engineering
– bringing in new fleet technology
– new maintenance aspects
Fleet maintenance would include all vacuum insulated transportation tanks, semi-trailers, trucks, prime movers, ISO containers used for cryogenic liquid and specialized vehicles developed for high pressure cylinders & liquid containers transportation.
He / She coordinate & work with truck, trailer & cryogenic tank OEMs and Linde global subject matter experts to introduce latest specifications, new technology, value engineering & optimum design.
This position will also be responsible to oversee integrated tank & truck maintenance facilities for ‘Best In Class’ Safety, Quality, Efficiency & Reliability performance.
Minimum Eligibility Criteria

A. Educational Qualification & Skills Required
– Engineering degree in Mechanical or Automobile stream
– Strong technical background with experience in product designing/manufacturing/development
– Drafting & readability of Engineering Cad drawings / Instrumentation / Electrical wiring schematics
– Good understanding on Process & Instrumentation Diagrams
– Engineering Design Software Knowledge :(AutoCAD /Solid Edge / Catia/ 3D Modelling)
– Proficient in Microsoft Excel or any other analytical tool for data analysis
– Languages: Local and English (read, speak and write)
– Computer knowledge (MS Office, Mails, Presentations, ERP preferably SAP)
– Experience liaising with regulatory bodies for statutory related to trucks / tanks
– Clear understanding of motor vehicles rules & regulations and logistics environment of the country

B. Relevant Experience & Certification
– Minimum of 10 (ten) years’ experience in reputed automotive sectors
– Experience of managing various interfaces as transporters, statutory bodies for strengthening the overall logistics functions will be an added advantage.
Key Behavioral Competencies
• Business Acumen (15% weightage)
– Market Insights – Understands customer markets, suppliers and competitors
– Understands and implements financial principles and procedures to make effective decisions
• Strategic Thinking (10% weightage)
– Engages and motivates colleagues by breaking down business plans into meaningful team goals
• Customer Focus (20% weightage)
– Understanding customer issues and addressing it to increase levels of customer satisfaction
• Visible Leadership (20% weightage)
– Lead by Example, ensures that 100% of own behavior is safe and takes action to ensure the safety of team
• Technical Competence (35% weightage)
– Keeps up to date with industry and technological advances

Key interfaces
• Area Distribution Manager – Bulk & PGP
• Transport Safety Manager
• Scheduling Manager
• Fleet Maintenance Lead
• SHEQ Team
• Procurement Team
• Contractors / Suppliers
Core Responsibilities
1. Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (SHEQ)
– Responsible for upkeep of all fleet by complying Linde Safety norms & OEM recommendations as well as local regulatory requirement
– Drive the ZERO Incident culture within the team
– Impart Safety & Functional trainings to teammates (technicians, maintenance supervisors) and basic trainings to Drivers & Field Distribution staffs.
– Work Closely with Linde Global Operation Excellence team to advance new vehicle safety
features / Retro-fitment / upgradation / Technology transfer to improve fleet Safety performance
– Conduct periodic workshop / Maintenance facility safety audits & initiate corrective actions
– Sharing Global alerts, bulletin, safety campaigns with team leaders.
– Maintenance data analysis on Accident /incident investigation to identify gaps and set standards
– Ensure the audit compliance of SHEQ/Statutory standards and assessments point closure & compliance
– Participate in the Accident / Incident Investigation and RCA, ensure maintenance related CAPA implementation
– Review fleet related MOCs
– Working towards achieving country’s safety goal
– Customer satisfaction by ensuring maintenance free vehicles available for business
– Implementation & Governance of
o Daily tool-box topic / safety talk
o Monthly safety meeting with maintenance workforce
2. Design & Specifications (including movable tanks, trailers, trucks, cylinder load body design, tail lift gate system, specialized cylinder handling trolley and other automotive accessories)
– Reviewing & modifying the existing and developing new specification & design aspects for transportation of cryogenic liquid using tankers and high-pressure gas / liquid cylinder using specialized trucks, trolley and tail liftgates
– Ensuring the designs / specifications are following design codes, regulatory requirements and in compliance to Linde Global standards
– Tank stability review, trailer running gear load assessment and appropriate running gear equipment selection
– Review /Approval & Finalization of Equipment specification for Cryogenic Semitrailer, Cryogenic Pumps, Heat exchangers and other Cryogenic equipment as per Linde Safety design standards
– Design and development of on-board cryogenic subsystems (Tanks, Pumps, Interconnection, Safety systems, etc.)
3. Integrated truck & tank maintenance facility
– Accountable for the workmanship at the maintenance workshops
– Provide technical leadership and mentoring to facilities maintenance leaders
– Training & Certification program for maintenance crew to enhance technical skills
– Develop SOP’s, process manuals & training modules related to Cryogenic equipment
– Review workshop procedures and adopt best workshop practices as per global standards
– Periodic review fleet maintenance facilities to maintain the quality job performed on the shop floor and its compliance to safety requirements
– Ensure upkeeping of all gadgets (MDVR, ICC, F&D, Anti-Tow Away, Sensors etc.) fitted in vehicles
4. Analytics, Cost Control & Productivity
– Review maintenance costs on periodic basis and provide recommendations to Workshop Incharge and Area Distribution Managers on improving fleet utilization and replacement plan
– Based on technical study, prepare budget / capex required for fleet upgradation
– Develop and execute fleet maintenance plan & cryogenic trailer rehabilitation
– Effectively and efficiently manage operational expenditure (OpEx) budgets to run the site, as
well as plan for Capital Expenditures (CapEx) for the site to optimize economic value for Distribution asset life cycle management.
– Monitoring & control of Variable cost of Distribution Operation (R&M)
– Improve capacity utilization by optimizing the vehicle capacity to reduce Distribution cost
– Drive projects to reduce Cost per Km / Cost per Nominal
– Ensure centrally driven projects are being executed at site level as per guidelines
– Review Tableau Dashboards on regular basis
– Accountable & responsible to improve Key Performing Indicators (KPI) in comparison to last benchmark
o M&R Cost per KM – Lower is better
o Tons per Trip or Nominals per Trip – Higher is better
o Capacity Utilization – Higher is better
o Transit Loss – Lower is better
o Fleet Downtime – Lower is better
o Fuel Mileage – Higher is better
o Enroute Breakdowns per month
5. OEM / Supplier evaluation & contractor management
– Techno commercial bid evaluation (TBE) and approval for major distribution asset purchases (tank, trailer, truck, pump, etc.)
– Vendor qualification and periodic facility assessment as per Linde protocol
– Oversee contractor service agreements for 3rd party workshop and fleet services
– New equipment purchase – technical evaluation & finalization including pre delivery road worthiness check

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