Job Detail



Specialisation: Manufacturing/Production Operations
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Work Location : Johor Bahru, Johor
Salary Range : RM 3,000.00 – 4,200.00
Posted Date : September 22, 2021


    Warehouse, Invoicing & Logistic Department

  • Oversight of day-to-day operations.监督日常运营
  • Assist in the establishment and implementation of standard department procedures 协助建立和执行标准部门程序
  • Development of strategies and procedures that increase efficiency and maximize profits. 制定战略和程序,以提高效率和利润最大化
  • Identification of issues that my affect sales, warehouse or delivery of services, and creation of solutions to promptly address problems. · 确定影响我的销售,仓库或服务交付的问题,并创建解决方案以迅速解决问题。
  • To assist developing long term plans to achieve the goals and KRA & KPI which are already set. 帮助制定长期计划以实现已经设定的目标以及KRA和KPI
  • Preparation and oversight of the various operational expenses and budget. 准备和监督各种运营费用和预算。
  • To motivate and encourage employees to meet and exceed targets and goals.  激励和鼓励员工达到和超越目标。
  • Manage creation of and development of SOP on a regular basis, ensuring that it is up to date while identifying areas for improvement and proposing solutions. ·定期管理SOP的创建和开发,确保它是最新的,同时确定需要改进的地方并提出解决方案。
  • Interpretation of data and analytics and report generation.  解释数据和分析以及生成报告
  • Perform other miscellaneous duties as assigned. 履行分配的其他杂项职责

MIS Department

  •  Work closely with department managers to review all departmental policies for compliance issue. Lead cross-functional process improvement activities to address major deficiencies / gaps. Evaluating the efficiency of controls and improve them continuously. ·与部门经理紧密合作,以审查所有部门政策中的合规性问题。 领导跨职能的流程改进活动,以解决主要缺陷/差距。 评估控制效率并不断进行改进
  • Revising procedures, reports etc. periodically to identify hidden risks or non-conformity issues. Review process models and oversee acceptance into system. 定期修订程序,报告等,以识别隐藏的风险或不合格问题。 审查流程模型并监督系统的验收
  • Promote and ensure adherence to best industry practice standards into system. 促进并确保遵守最佳行业实践标准并纳入系统
  • Response to user requests and inquiries based on partner’s service desk support system. 根据合作伙伴的服务台支持系统响应用户的请求和查询
  • To work closely with developers / vendors (Office 365, Ding Talks, Payroll system, ERP System, etc.) to provide advice on matters relating to organization / management / business model requirements. 与开发人员/供应商(Office 365,Ding Talks,薪资系统,ERP系统等)紧密合作,以提供与组织/管理/业务模型要求有关的建议。
  • Other related duties as assigned. 分配的其他相关职责

Other Job Assigned: –

  • To assist and work closely with KL & KK branch to ensure develop standard operating procedure and oversight of the various operational expenses and budget.


  • Candidate must possess at least a Diploma or Degree in Business Studies / Administration / Management, or equivalent.
  • Preferably candidate with 2-3 year(s) of working experience.
  • Computer literate. Be familiar with Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and etc.
  • Problem Solving Skills, Communication Skills, Work Efficiency, Time Management Skills and Creativity & Innovation.
  • Required language(s): Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia & English.

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