Job Detail



Specialisation: Finance – General/Cost Accounting
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Work Location : Pasir Gudang, Johor
Salary Range : RM 10,000.00 – 11,000.00
Posted Date : August 12, 2021

Job Descriptions


 Implemented in particular in SAP ECC cover the following scope : 

 Finance and Accounting for NICE & BEST

 Costing Run and margin Analysis (CO/ML, CO/PA) in parallel valuation design

 Management of SAP Reports (standard report generator or specific Reports)

 BI reporting on sales and Margin reports

 Fixe cost (CO/CCA)

 Industrial and R&D project (CO/PS)

 Investment Management and project Investment (IM)


Job Requirements

 Good communication with other members of the department and other entities

 Ability to work in a team environment

 Ability to drive operationally one or several external(s) – in recurrent or project

 Good knowledge of the business if the domain

 Good knowledge of IT solutions covering the domain

 Ability to understand the application/technical eco-system of he domain

 Experience in project management

 Familiar with good practices for writing project documents and user needs (user experience, user stories, etc.)

 Professional English

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