Job Detail



Specialisation: Logistics/Supply Chain
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Master Degree
Work Location : Others, Selangor
Salary Range : RM 3,500.00 – 4,000.00
Posted Date : April 06, 2021

Distribution Supervisor (DS) will manage the daily distribution activities for his/her assigned location. The DS will be solely accountable and responsible for his / her location’s performance with respect to Safety, Efficiency, Reliability, Productivity, Quality, Statutory and People.
DS must understand the core function protocol & company goals clearly.
DS need to ensure that all the key deliverables are achieved as expected in order to improve external & internal customers satisfaction and enhance overall profitability in sustainable manner.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria
A. Educational Qualification & Skills Required
– Minimum Diploma, or pre-university qualification, preferably in Science or Logistics / Supply Chain Management
– Languages: Local and English (read, speak and write)
– Computer knowledge (MS Office, Mails, Presentations, ERP preferably SAP)
– Experience in transporter / contractor management and liaising with regulatory bodies for statutory
– Clear understanding of motor vehicles rules & regulations and logistics environment of the country

B. Relevant Experience & Certification
– Minimum of 03 (three) years’ experience in logistics, preferably cryogenic industry will be an added advantage

Key Behavioral Competencies
• Business Acumen (20% weightage)
– Market Insights – Understands customer markets, suppliers and competitors
– Understands and implements financial principles and procedures to make effective decisions
• Strategic Thinking (10% weightage)
– Engages and motivates colleagues by breaking down business plans into meaningful team goals
• Customer Focus (30% weightage)
– Understanding customer issues and addressing it to increase levels of customer satisfaction
• Visible Leadership (30% weightage)
– Lead by Example, ensures that 100% of own behavior is safe and takes action to ensure the safety of team
• Technical Competence (10% weightage)
– Keeps up to date with industry and technological advances
Key interfaces
• Distribution Lead
• Transport Safety Lead
• Fleet Maintenance Lead
• Scheduling team
• Local Sales Team for dispatch planning & execution
• Operations Team for production planning
• SHEQ Team
• HR / Finance / IT
• Transport Contractors
• Drivers
• Driver Coaches

Core Responsibilities
1. Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (SHEQ)
– Responsible for execution of dispatch plan by complying all safety norms
– Drive the ZERO Incident culture
– Ensuring customer sites and route being used are safe for use
– Carry out validation check on vehicles daily e.g. Fatigue & Distraction (F&D) device visual inspection, PDC and other inspection as may be required
– Carry out Briefing & De-briefing sessions with drivers prior to and after completion of deliveries for the day respectively
– Ensure the audit compliance of SHEQ/Statutory standards
– Ensure the Assessments point closure (CAR) and compliance
– Participate in the Accident / Incident Investigation and RCA, ensure CAPA implementation
– Zero Stock Outs / Product Run Outs and Zero Product Contamination / Product Spillage
– Working towards achieving country’s safety goal
– Customer satisfaction by ensuring safe and on-time supplies to customers
– Prompt response in dealing with Customer complaints, in coordination with SHEQ & Sales personnel
– Reviewing pre/post trip inspection quality and pre-trip dialogue quality at regular intervals
– Implementation & execution of
o Daily tool-box topic / driver safety talk
o Monthly safety meeting – separately for transporter & drivers / helpers / loaders
o Ensuring / enforcing 100% compliance to working hours – weekly review of driver wise data
o Effective communication to transporters and drivers
▪ New policies or any amendments
▪ Safety alerts / bulletin
o Reward & reprimand policy (zero tolerance violations)

2. Efficiency, Reliability & Productivity
– Responsible for safe execution of dispatch plan given by Scheduling Team
o Ensure right product & right volume is delivered to right customer and on-time
– Monitor asset (truck, tankers, resources) utilization by tracking Time Utilization & Capacity Utilization
– Responsible to ensure customer satisfaction through better transport planning and demand fulfilment
– Coordinate with Scheduling, Production and Sales team for product availability & plan execution
– Responsible to improve Key Performing Indicators (KPI) in comparison to last benchmark
o Tons per Trip or Nominals per Trip – Higher is better
o Capacity Utilization – Higher is better
o Return Quantity – Lower is better
o Transit Loss – Lower is better
o Km per Trip – Lower is better
o Transit Efficiency – Higher is better
o Detention at Source or at Customer Sites – Lower is better
– Ensure upkeeping of all gadgets (MDVR, ICC, F&D, Anti-Tow Away, Sensors etc.) fitted in vehicles
– Ensure effective logistical and cost-effective route management.
– Ensure inventory management of PPEs, Stationaries, VTS / MDVR and other technological gadgets.
– Improve capacity utilization by optimizing the vehicle capacity to reduce Distribution cost
– Review customer wise drop sizes periodically, and work in coordination with ADM, Scheduling Team on improvement projects
– Drive projects to reduce Cost per Km / Cost per Nominal
– Ensure centrally driven projects are being executed at site level as per guidelines
– Review Tableau Dashboards on regular basis

3. Fleet Management (includes tanker, trucks, other equipment)
– Responsible for upkeep of owned assets operating from his/her facility, in case of contracted fleet DS must ensure Transport Contractor maintains the trucks / trailer as per set guidelines.
– Coordinate with Fleet Maintenance Team (for owned assets) and Contractor’s Maintenance Team (for contractor owned assets) for any Preventive or Corrective Maintenance.
– Must ensure that 95% fleet is available for supplies at any given point of time
– Ensure carrying out preventive maintenance (PM) as per set guidelines for own & contracted fleet
o Responsible for record management
– Major maintenance jobs must be in sync with business requirement, need to plan well in advance and inform Scheduling & Sales team
– Reviewing vehicle wise fuel mileage (for owned assets) on period basis, any decrement should be brought to the notice of Fleet Maintenance team for necessary corrective maintenance

4. Contractor Management (includes transport contractor, driver supplying agencies, other vendors etc.)
– Participate in reviewing contractor wise performance score card on periodic basis
– Escalate contractor related issues to Distribution Lead and Transport Safety Lead for taking necessary corrective actions
– Participate in review meeting with Transport Contractors (at least on monthly basis) to review their KPI
– Ensure transport contractor’s staff dealing with the business are well acquainted with the requirement with respect to Safety & Operation.
– Provide the trainings & knowledge sharing sessions with Transport supervisors

5. Driver Management
– Active participation in the Selection/Recruitment/Training/Induction of the drivers
– Participate in periodic trainings on technical aspects (loading/unloading/handling of products), safety
– Participate and drive safety campaigns in line with country’s plan for the year
– Ensure bench drivers are available for duty at any given time to handle any critical supply or emergency
– Conduct monthly meetings with drivers to share recent updates, learnings from incidents and to hear out their grievances & feedback to improve our efficiency and safety
– Reviewing driver wise performance score card on periodic basis
o Work with Driver Coach and Transport Safety Lead for taking High Risk Drivers through proper coaching sessions
– Review the tableau dashboard reports and drive the performance improvement plan


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