Job Detail



Specialisation: Engineering – Oil/Gas
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Work Location : Pasir Gudang, Johor
Salary Range : RM 5,500.00 – 7,000.00
Posted Date : April 06, 2021

Transport Safety Lead will play a vital part in ensuring that all the locations we are dispatching from and delivering to meet our safety requirements, assessing any risks associated and coming up with solutions to mitigate.
– Involves dealing with new technology in terms of rating drivers based on driving and non-driving habits.   Interpret telematic data and intervene where there is a need to motivate and instill good driver practice.
– Partner with Deliver Team & Transporters to coordinate, facilitate and measure training related activities.
– Track performance and provide identified retraining and process improvement opportunities.
– Closely monitor Leading & Lagging Indicators trend
– Lead safety programs and active participation in operational audits.
– Recruitment, Orientation & Training in line with policy
o Commercial Vehicle Drivers, Driver Coaches, Cylinder Handlers/Loaders, Helpers

Job Scope
Accountable & responsible for safe handling and distribution of products from all assigned locations
– Bulk (Primary & Secondary), Packaged Gas (PGP, Electronics, Specialty) & Tube Trailers
– Company owned fleet and Contracted fleet (long term & short term)

Minimum Eligibility Criteria
A. Educational Qualification & Skills Required
– Graduate degree holder, preferably in Science or any other technical stream
– Languages: Local and English (read, speak and write)
– Computer knowledge (MS Office, Mails, Presentations)
– Experience in training on all types of trucks and trailers
– Willingness to work in different shifts and travel within a localized region to support other sites

B. Relevant Experience & Certification
– Holding valid commercial heavy vehicle driving license with a driving experience of minimum 5 years
– Minimum of 05 years’ experience in Coaching / Training

C. Desired
– Should have undergone any Driving Instructor Courses and Certificate Programs
– Ex-Armed Force candidates (worked in Mechanical Transport trade, with good driving & people management skills) to be given preference.

Job Responsibilities
1. Recruitment, Induction, Training & Development
1.A) Driver Coach
a. Interviewing & shortlisting candidates for final round with senior management
b. Imparting training – 5 Steps Coaching Model
c. Drive ‘Coach the Coaches’ Program
d. Set GOALs / KPIs and chalk-out individual development plan
e. Conduct reviews, handhold in plan execution & instill desired set of skills for the role

1.B) Commercial Vehicle Drivers & Helpers / Driving Assistants
a. Plan and conduct Recruitment & Induction Program as per set guidelines
(In collaboration with respective distribution team, transport contractors & driver supplying agencies)
b. New driver’s evaluation (pre-recruitment & post-training skill test along with Driver Coach)
c. Implement & supervise post-training activities
– Mentorship program (for hands-on training to newly recruited driver)

1.C) PGP Drivers and Cylinder Handler (also termed as Loader)
a. Selection & training
b. Training on how to handle cylinders / PCC / drums
c. Special program on – Product Awareness, Type of Cylinders, Hazards Associated
d. On-The-Job training on handling of special equipment / tools like crane, trolley, liftgate
e. Clearly defining roles & responsibilities of a driver and a cylinder loader

1.D) Training Modules
a. Develop and / or revise modules in alignment of latest policies / SOP / technology
b. Ensure periodic refresher trainings and reboot programs are being conducted

2. Performance Management
2.A) Driver Coach
i. Review individual coach performance based on set parameters
– Level of impact each coach making on improving overall safety performance
ii. Accordingly conduct training need analysis and skill enhancement programs

2.B) Commercial Vehicle Drivers, Helpers / Driving Assistants, Cylinder Handler (also termed as Loader)
i. Reviewing individual performance at specified intervals using resources available
1. Tableau Dashboards – driver wise / location wise / contractor wise / segment wise
2. Trip Summary Reports
3. Driver Risk Profiling (DRP, also called as Driver Score Card)
4. OBC/ICC/F&D alerts on TOC platform
ii. Work closely with respective transport contractor, driver coach and distribution manager on further actions to be taken based on Overall Performance Analysis report

3. Distribution Safety Actions
3.A) Implementation & Governance
i. Daily tool-box topic / driver safety talk
ii. Monthly safety meeting – separately for transporter & drivers / helpers / loaders
iii. Ensuring / enforcing 100% compliance to working hours – weekly review of driver wise data
iv. Effective communication to transporters and drivers
1. New policies or any amendments
2. Safety alerts / bulletin
v. Reward & reprimand policy (zero tolerance violations)
vi. Driver to Coach Ratio as per set guidelines
1. Assign drivers to coaches, do periodic review & alignment
vii. Yearly Safety Plan
1. Work closely with Distribution Manager, TSM and SHEQ in 100% compliance
3.B) Assist TSM and Distribution Manager in conducting Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of incidents & implement actions as per finalized CAPA
3.C) Develop and improve teaching approaches
3.D) Perform and ensure route & customer Site Risk Assessments completed for new customers and at least once in two years for existing customers.
3.E) Monitor (conduct in case of own fleet) Emergency Mock Drills and follow-up on corrective actions
3.F) Conduct driver engagement & motivation programs and welfare schemes / initiatives
3.G) Lead distribution safety campaigns
3.H) Assisting TSM or Distribution Manager in developing SOP / Policies on newly inducted technologies or equipment or tools
3.I) Periodic (random/surprise) audit of Transporter Depots to ensure compliance to Linde safety norms
3.J) Reviewing pre/post trip inspection quality and pre-trip dialogue quality at regular intervals
3.K) Coordinating with OEM for functional training on their product’s usage.
For example –
• Wabco giving training ABS / EBS+RSS or any new technology,
• Chart or Cryotech giving training on Over-Pressure Protection System,
• Tailor Wharton training on precautions to be taken while filling & handling of PCC, Dewars


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