Job Detail



Specialisation: Manufacturing/Production Operations
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Work Location : Pasir Gudang, Johor
Salary Range : RM 10,000.00 – 15,000.00
Posted Date : January 29, 2020


The R&D Manager is responsible for whole Research and Development department including Process and Product development, Working Environment and People Management within R&D Department at CLIENT COMPANY

This means responsibility for;

  • Working environment
  • Leading, coaching and development of department employees
  • New Product development
  • Existing Product improvement
  • Project Management
  • Production support
  • Customer Product-, Specification- and Quality support
  • Member in the local Management team within CLIENT COMPANY

That includes full responsibility for :-


1.         Working environment in own department by;

•               Driving Work environment improvements by performing Risk assessments and Safety committee decide for Corrective actions and make sure Corrective action is being implemented.

•               Being responsible for reporting Safety issues as Accidents, Incidents and Risk observations in own R&D area and together with Safety Committee decide for Corrective actions and ensure Corrective Action is being implemented.

•               Ensures own employees in R&D department being constantly trained in, knows and follows both local and external Safety rules and legislations to enable a safe and healthy working environment.

•               Use 5S Continuous improvement principle to improve processes and work areas.


2.         Breaking down strategical targets, actions and KPIs from Group-, Country- or Local level in own department by;

•               Creating department targets, actions and KPIs and make sure whole team is well informed and working against same goal. 

•               Make follow up on result and make sure Corrective action is taken when result is not reached.


3.         People development in own department by;

•               Having individual Appraisals and Coaching talks for each employee

•               Making competence planning and ensuring each employee gets the agreed development as decided in Appraisal talk.

•               Make continuous follow up on individual targets and achievements for each employee and take counter actions if result is not reached

•               Perform evaluation on result and achievement for each employee to be used in yearly Salary review.


4.         Development and innovations related to Products manufactured within CLIENT COMPANY.

•               Being the collector of requests of both new products- and improvements in existing products from Sales department, Product Management Team or other Departments.

•               Together with Group Director for IW and Product Management Team decide what New development Projects to run.

•               Together with own R&D team perform project planning (Scope, objective, resource and time management) to meet request from internal and external customers.

•               Take responsibility for information to internal and external Customers about Project time plan and expected delivery.

•               Take responsibility for all projects within own department and make sure projects have dedicated resources, follows budget plan and is delivered on time to internal or external customers.

•               Together with own R&D team work with development of new products including validation of new raw materials and new properties, coordinating the search for alternative raw materials and co-operation with Purchase department.

•               Together with Purchasing department and Environmental Coordinator work with phasing in and out raw material on the prohibited or restricted list.

•               Initiate Customer modifications & adjustment of current products and technical support to salesmen including joint customer visits and line trials with sales.


5.         Being the contact for both Internal and External Customer Support by;

•               Receive and coordinate claims from Country complaint team and ensure there is a dedicated resource within department who will investigate root cause, come up with a counter measure, make sure problem is eliminated and finally make sure an answer to External customer is given.

•               Receive and coordinate problems from Production & QC laboratory and ensure there is a dedicated resource within department who will support them with competence and troubleshooting when a problem arises.

•               Coordinate and ensure there is a dedicated resource within department who will support Production and QC-laboratory during Zero-series startup of a new product.


6.         Miscellaneous;

•           Participate in Global R&D meetings

•           Responsible for the whole teams reporting of projects, ensuring standard reporting model, with valid facts and validations

•           Responsible for creating and maintaining department documentation and process descriptions

•           Supporting QC-laboratory in creating standardized quality control methods and guidelines

•           Supporting Sales department with needed Technical specifications and documentation; Product data sheets, participating in the production of brochures and leaflets

•           Coordinating the maintenance and purchases of laboratory equipment.

•           Perform Monthly reporting to MD and R&D Global Management.


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