Job Detail



Specialisation: Manufacturing/Production Operations
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Professional Degree
Work Location : Iskandar Puteri, Johor
Salary Range : RM 5,000.00 – 6,000.00
Posted Date : September 27, 2018

Kindly contact Ms Angeline Wong for further details at 07-2305453 ext 20  / or forward your resume to


Position Purpose

To coordinate and supervise all non-flameproof and high voltage work conducted in Vision Control Solutions workshop, with the aim of achieving delivery on time, within budget, and within specification.

Key Responsibilities and Accountability of the Position with Associated Tasks

  1. Compliance with Statutory Legislations and Company Policies
  1. Maintain compliance to company’s systems and processes, environmental requirements and government legislation
  2. Take reasonable care for one's own health and safety, and the health and safety of people who are  at the workplace and who may be affected by your acts or omissions at work
  3. Supervise staff to ensure they work safely
  4. Respond to employee’s safety concerns
  5. Ensure that Safe Operating Procedures are adhered to
  6. Ensure adequate PPE is available, and that it is used and work correctly
  7. Report all injuries and near misses promptly
  8. Evaluate employees’ fitness for work, and report any concerns
  9. Promote “Take 5's” compliance
  10. Conduct Risk assessments when “Take 5's” cannot produce a safe work situation,  and promptly take faulty equipment out of service
  11. Conduct risk assessments prior to any changes in the workplace, or the purchase of new equipment
  12. Ensure good housekeeping is maintained


  • Daily "Take 5's" Completed.
  • Immediate reporting to management of Incidents and hazards.
  • Compliance to Vision Control Solutions quality management systems.
  1. Operations Management

2.1   Supervise the manufacture and overhaul of electrical equipment:

  1. Produce jobs in accordance with:     
    1. Scopes provided
    2. Drawings provided
    3. Australian Standards
    4. Relevant Statutory Regulations
    5. Vision Control Solutions requirements
  1. Advise the Workshop Manager of any issues which may result in job losses or late delivery
  2. Monitor progress of projects to ensure that track to budget and report to weekly production meetings
  3. Coordinate with the purchasing department in ordering of materials to each specific project
  4. Manage subcontractors on site when required
  5. Manage and coordinate HV testing in VCS test bay
  6. Facilitate management of assets including tools and vehicles
  7. Liaise with internal stakeholders where necessary to deliver outcomes
  8. Address operational challenges and opportunities with an open mind and willingness to create effective and win/win solutions
  9. Have a good understanding of the project scope and deliverables
  10. Arrange all resources and plant to achieve the best outcome on projects
  11. Coordination with the purchasing department regarding material and equipment sourcing issues such as lead times, pricing and quality
  12. Organise with stores to arrange transportation of complete items and projects

.2   Plan work to meet delivery dates:

  1. Liaise with Workshop Manager to plan for future work
  2. Delegate labour to jobs in good time to minimise delays
  3. Liaise with Workshop Manager to ensure correct labour numbers are maintained on Workshop floor


2.3   Meet customer requirements for jobs:

  1. Read and understand customer specification
  2. Check operation of equipment in the test bay
  3. Carry out final pre-delivery inspection


2.4   Identify products and parts:

  1. Ensure that all equipment and parts are identified by labeling or tagging
  2. Ensure that delivery dockets are correctly filled out on dispatch of product

2.5   Control the quality of product produced by the workshop:

  1. Set the quality control benchmark for Vision Control Solutions workshop
  2. Understand job specifications and Standards and ensure workshop products conform to the specifications and Standards
  3. Examine products to determine whether they meet specifications and Australian and International Standards, and take corrective action, if necessary
  4. Monitor the progress of jobs and comment on any poor quality noticed prior to completion of the job when rectification will be more expensive and time consuming 
  5. Carry out on the job training and assistance of tradespersons and apprentices to ensure that their workmanship conforms to the quality control benchmark
  6. Compile reports, including test reports, as applicable
  7. Carry out audits of equipment and report on conformity or nonconformity with Standards and specifications
  8. Carry out final inspection of all equipment prior to dispatch



  • Ethical and efficient ordering of components for each project
  • On time deliveries
  • Jobs completed to budget (hours and materials)
  • No Customer complaints
  • Compliance to Vision Control Solutions quality management systems


  1. Customer / Business Development 
  1. Encourage Customer feedback, promote services and products to all customers
  2. Be proactive in seeking ongoing work with Customers
  3. Seek new opportunities for Vision Control Solutions services and products



  • Regular follow up work with current Customers
  • Regular liaising with Customers

Employee Management

  1. Regularly review and provide constructive feedback to EA employees regarding performance
  2. Monitor employee attendance, including personal leave and lateness
  3. Ensure company policies and procedures are being adhered to
  4. Discipline of employees not adhering to company policies, procedures and being responsible for own and others safety
  5. Communicate clear goals, roles and responsibilities to all staff
  6. Ensure staff are trained and competent to complete tasks for which they are assigned
  7. Meet and communicate regularly with employees and management
  8. Effective and sustainable time management of self and all employees


5.    Performance Development:

  1. To undertake and participate in ongoing training and education related to any aspect of the position
  2. Identify areas of personal improvement in workplace skills that can be achieved
  3. Conduct and contribute to tool box talks as required
  4. Weekly production meetings with management


6.   Commercial Business Performance:

  1. Ensure understanding of job costing and time estimates in order to deliver jobs to agreed budget
  2. Provide feedback to supervisor and technical support regarding estimated time/cost as required
  3. Maintain production targets through effective scheduling of works on site
  4. Regularly review and maintain job costs to agreed budget
  5. Ensure work is planned in accordance with the time allocation


Selection Criteria

  1. Electrical trade or Electrical engineering qualification
  2. Experience in a manufacturing and overhaul environment
  3. Be a team player and have respect for fellow employees, Supervisors and Management
  4. Proven Aligned Values
  5. Attention to detail, quality and best outcomes for customers
  6. Exceptional communication, numeracy and interpersonal skills
  7. Strong time management and organisational skills
  8. Ability to identify hazards/risks and to report/eliminate appropriately
  9. Mining and/or heavy industry experience
  10. Driver’s license
  11. High voltage testing experience