Job Detail



Specialisation: Engineering – Civil/Construction/Structural
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Professional Degree
Work Location : Pasir Gudang, Johor
Salary Range : RM 8,000.00 – 9,000.00
Posted Date : July 09, 2018


The incumbent will represent the Contractor and perform site engineering duties not limited to overseeing technical, commercial and scheduling of appointed civil / structural Sub-Contractors. The incumbent will be responsible for Sub-Contractor technical queries, site design aspects and assist with record keeping of the Sub-Contractors works. This will include earthworks, piling, founding conditions, reinforced concrete, drainage, buried services, structural steel and cladding



  • Qualifications:
    1. Bachelors degree in the field of civil engineering


  • Experience:
    1. Minimum of 3years previous experience in either design consultancy, construction site or preferably both
  • Knowledge required:
    1. Must speak, read and write in English, Malaysian and preferably Chinese
    2. Must understand technical principles of earthworks, including geology, cut & fill procedures, compaction and consolidation
    3. Must understand principles of precast driven piling, pile testing, founding conditions
    4. Must understand technical principles of reinforced concrete, reading and interpreting reinforced concrete drawings, formwork, concrete casting and repair of concrete defects
    5. Must  understand principles of structural steel framing design and construction including adherence to specifications and drawings


  • Skills:
    1. Srong leadership abilities and experience in managing projects.
    2. Excellent oral and written communication skills and be team palyer.
    3. Attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot.
    4. Ability to read and understand and technical drawings, schedules and calculations
    5. Advanced computer skills
    6. Experience with diagnostic and quality measuring tools
    7. Ability to work in industrial setting which includes walking, climbing, and wearing appropriate safety gear.
    8. Computer – aided design (CAD) experience     


Progress palning:

  • Invoved in the design, specification, and excetution of projects.
  • Use expertise to evaluate construction projects and determine the best engineering method or practice to accomplish the job.
  • Establish an estimated cost and what tools and technologies are appropriate for the job as well as a timeframe for the work to be completed.
  • Manage and maintain accurate field notes and maintain flow of technical information and prepare comprehensive assessment reports for civil & strcutrual works


Supervise Projects

  • Ensure staff are propelly trained in the use of all equipment, and all staff have access to and safety gear and that the team is reaching required milestones.
  • Evaluate technical issues and provide appropriate solutions.
  • Supervise all activities of project and ensures compliance to all plans and specifications and identify all errors in plans and ensure optimal working of personnel
  • Resolve all Client questions within required timeframe and provide assistance to  client and monitor all proactive activities


Oversee Complaince

  • Ensures projects adhere to all government and industy standards and guidelines including the project specifications.
  • Ensures special permits or records are obtained and paperwork is recoded and sored properly 


 Safety liason

Perfome regular evaluation on all observance trends and prepare all preventative maintenance on all parts and coordinate with customers for all operation groups

Other involvement in the project, but not limited to:

Earth works (earth works done to drawing and specifications)

Civil and structural

Drawing reviews

Query resourcing

Progress planning

QA and QC

Programme planning

QCP’s correct and utised

Check and resolve drawing discrepancies

Check Method statements and risk assessment

Civil works done to drawings and specifications