Job Detail



Specialisation: Engineering – Civil/Construction/Structural
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Post Graduate Diploma
Professional Degree
Work Location : Pasir Gudang, Johor
Salary Range : RM 9,000.00 – 10,000.00
Posted Date : July 09, 2018


Assist the Project SHE manager to implement and maintain the SHE management system.

    1. Qualifications:
      1. High School diploma.
      2. SHE management qualification .
      3. Valid “green book”.
      4. Computer literate (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook).
    2. Experience:
      1. At least 3 years experience in SHE management.
      2. At least three years experience in a construction work-environment.
      3. Sound knowledge of SHE systems administration.
    3. Knowledge required:
      1. Extensive knowledge of the local OSH Act and all relevant regulations
      2. SHE procedures
    4. Competencies & Skills:

      1. Attention to detail.
      2. Must be able to communicate in English, and the most common local language.
      3. Sound written and verbal communication skills.
      4. Computer literacy skills.
      5. Ability to organise and prioritise work.
      6. Ability to work independently.
      7. Professional demeanour and approach to work.
      8. Time management (must be able to work to deadlines).
      9. Must be willing to work extended hours if required to do so.


DETAILED RESPONSIBILITIES  (including but not limited to…)

  1. Assist with the implementation and maintaining of the SHE management system at the project.
  2. Attend SHE meetings and act as secretary for these meetings.
  3. Helping the contractors to get their SHE file/s and SHE management system in alignment with the SHE specifications and SHE management plan and SHE specifications.
  4. Daily site inspections to point out deviations to contractors, and to ensure compliance with the SHE specifications.
  5. Spot checks such as:
    • Checking that all contractors’ employees are inducted.
    • Check that SMI boards are up to date, and relevant.
    • Checking that all equipment checks are done daily, weekly and monthly.
    • Ensuring all registers and logs are up to date.
    • Ensuring that daily safe task instructions are communicated.
    • Ensuring that planned task observations are done.
    • Ensuring that all SMI (Safety Management Information) boards are up to standard.
    • Ensuring all permits are valid and up to date.
    • Inspections of equipment, PPE, tools, facilities, etc.
    • Checking that RA’s are communicated.
    • Checking that DSTI’s are done, and are done correctly and communicated.
  6. Communicating SHE issues to the different contractors’ SHE supervisors.
  7. Writing of SHE deviation reports, and communicating these deviations to the contractors.
  8. Follow up on deviations reported and actions taken.
  9. Assisting (where necessary) contractors with the writing of method statements and risk assessments.
  10. Inspecting of contractors’ facilities to ensure compliance with the OSH act and regulations.
  11. Assisting (where necessary) contractors and the SHE Officer with incident investigations.
  12. Conducting SHE audits on the contractors’ SHE management programs.
  13. Attend the daily and monthly site safety meetings, and give input as / if required.
  14. Communicate changes in SHE specifications to the contractors (if relevant)
  15. Identify unsafe acts, conditions, and hazards on site and report such findings to the contractors, SHE Manager and project Construction Manager.
  16. Any other lawful instructions from the  Project Construction Manager or the  Project SHE Manager.
  17. Schedule and facilitate Emergency Preparedness drills.
  18. Assist with translations between Metix and contractors.
  19. Carry out incident investigations.
  20. Report on findings.