Job Detail



Specialisation: Quality Control/Assurance
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Work Location : Pasir Gudang, Johor
Salary Range : RM 4,000.00 – 5,000.00
Posted Date : March 07, 2018

Main Role

1. Plan, maintain and execute system maintenance and customer satisfaction

2. Coordinator/co-coordinator in customer questionnaire and customer visit

3. Coordinator/co-coordinator for customer complaint process

4. Coordinator/co-coordinator for On time in full (OTIF) process

5. Coordinator/co-coordinator in product traceability test run

6. Coordinator/co-coordinator for HACCP plan and food safety analysis

7. Coordinator/co-coordiantor for external aud it (Certif ication Body)

8. Coordinator/co-coordi nator for prod uct monitoring

9. As trainer in the selected QA procedures, in-house training and other related training


Key Accountability & Task

1 Schedule, assisting and execute on customer satisfaction process e.g. customer questionnaire, customer querry and customer complaint.

2. Asisting and coordinate for internal audit for ISO 9001, GMP, HACCP and FSSC 22OOO

3. Coordinate customer complaint process and compilation for customer complaint overview

4. Coordinate On time in full (OTIF) process and compilation for OTIF overview. Schedule and coordinate on Out of Manufacturing Spec meeting and overview.

5. Act or coordinate with relevant department on product traceability test run, Betapol Production Number (BPN), raw material and othertraceability issue.

6. Assisting HACCP team members in food safety analysis/study. isting to prepare for customer audit and external audit (Certification Body)

7. Schedule, assisting and reporting on the product monitoring program and provide overview for management revrew.

8. Follow up with action needed highlighted by customer or external party audit

9. Assisting QA Manager on preparation for food safety management review and QMS Management Review

10. Act as trainer or assisting QA Manager on in-house training e.g. food hygiene, internal audit, GMP etc.

11. Co-execution of Education & training for QA procedures. 12. Carry out additional responsibilities assigned by QA Manager

Competency Requirement 

1. Knowledge in food safety management system namely GMP, HACCP, FSSC 22000 or ISO 22000.

2. Knolwedge in quality mangement system namely ISO 9001.

3. Knowledge in basic oil and fat and/or chemistry.

4. Familiar with Malaysia's Food Act and Food Chemical Codex 


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