Job Detail



Specialisation: Sales – Corporate
Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Master Degree
Work Location : Iskandar Puteri, Johor
Salary Range : RM 4,000.00 – 6,000.00
Posted Date : February 09, 2018


  • 4 to 5 years experience in sales of event or sports compexes 
  • Speak good english
  • Independent and good network among sports industries or event sales 
  • Able to handle sales target and manage sales admin
  1. Duty Manager –



  • To ensure effective communications to internal and external customers by providing notice of the events seven (7) days beforehand.
  • To provide an excellent experience for all customers, resolve any customer concerns and ensure that complaints / incidents are investigated and recorded within 24 hours

Financial / Auditing Document

  • To kept a record on operational forms / data and properly file in for tracking and auditing
  • Properly record and filing financial document such as invoice and petty cash for tracking and auditing
  • To perform cash calculation and collection daily basis

Operational / General Duty

  • To assist on visit from potential partners / clients / public for the purpose of ESC facilities/ membership hiring
  • To participate in a road-show / events outside ESC initiate by IIB / IEESB / ESC

Social Media / Website

  • To maintain ESC Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and website by sharing ESC events information, pictures and so on, on daily basis
  • To respond to comments and questions related to ESC on social media within 24 hours.
  1. Marketing

Marketing collateral

  • To ensure sufficient marketing collaterals ready by end of February 2018
  • To ensure that all collateral for ESC is ready and sufficient for any distribution during activities.
  • To record and re-order marketing collateral when quantity reach minimum benchmark (5,000 pieces)
  • To ensure that bunting and banners are in a good conditions to display.


  • To conduct 3 road shows by end of December 2018
  • To lead / organize a roadshow / booth at least three (3) times in a year within the target market areas
    o Aeon Bukit Indah
    o Medini Mall
    o Puteri Harbor
    o In-house
    o Events surrounding Iskandar Puteri
  • To achieve sales target at least two (2) times from the cost of roadshow.

Digital Advertising / Advertisement leasing

  • To conduct a cross-market survey on the trends, demand, and fees for Digital Advertising and leasing
  • To prepare a cost tabulated table and price recommendation for implementation at ESC
  • To promote and market advertisement opportunity at ESC to potential clients.

Marketing campaign

  • To initiate and lead a marketing campaign at ESC that cover off-peak, membership, corporate and seasonal promotion.
  • To conduct a cross-market survey on the trends, demand, and usage of sports facilities in Iskandar Puteri, Kulai and Johor Bahru areas.
  • To explore and prepare on social media marketing strategies including FB, Instagram and twitter.
  1. Sales


  • To source for interesting concept of merchandise that can be introduce and sell at ESC, proposed 3 concepts by end Q1 2018
  • To source and collaborate with local suppliers on the price and supply chain.
  • To prepare a cost tabulated table and price recommendation for implementation at ESC


  • To create the package and sell 10 advertising space at ESC by end of Q2
  •  To create the package and sell 10 digital advertising space at ESC by end Q3

Government / Corporate Membership

  • To secured collaboration with 5 government sectors and 5 corporate sectors by 3rd Quarter of 2018
  •  To create creative membership program and attract government agencies and corporate company to subscribe yearly membership with ESC by
  •  To come out with new loyalty program for existing and new membership packages to make ESC membership more attractive by 2nd week of February.
  •  To generate minimum sales revenue of RM 100,000 in 2018 for membership from government agencies and corporate sector

General Membership

  •  To work closely with Ezy Swimming and maintain good rapport with current and potential swimming membership
  •  To achieve 100% renewal on current membership
  •  To generate minimum 100 new membership for 2018.
  1. Events Prospecting and Revenue Generating

Events Manage / Participation

  • To lead and assist on EduCity Music Festival event, paperwork, LoA and related paperwork.
  •  To participate and/or manage at minimum (3) events for 2018

o CHALLENGE Fun & Fit Zone 2018 (Puteri Harbour)
o EduCity Sundown 2018
o EduCity Fitness Challenge
o EduCity Wall Climbing Basic Course (Teambuilding)
o Johor Strongest Man & Woman 2018
o Educity Cross-fit challenge

Event / Venue Hire

  •  To secure and collaborate with 30 local Event Organizer and introduce an attractive package for ‘EO’ to hire a facility at ESC by end of December 2018
  •  To create an attractive package that can accommodate the demands for

o 10 Annual Dinner
o 10 Family day
o 10 Staff day
o 10 Sports Day

  • To generate minimum sales revenue of RM 200,000 in 2018 for venue hire
  •  To sell 5 wedding package and venue hire by end of Dec 2018

Personal / Group Training Program

  • To work closely with Gym Instructor and market the personal / group training program to potential corporate clients – post
  •  To promote Group Training program fortnightly
  •  To prepare a cost tabulated table and price recommendation for new membership implementation at ESC by end of March 2018

5. Standard of Procedures / Assessment

Standard of Procedures​

  • To create new SOP and Revenue Process Flow on any new sales and marketing activities at EduCity Sports Complex.
  •  To create new SOP and Revenue Process Flow on any corporate arrangement at EduCity Sports Complex.